Oooo long time no update - i have been busy in my studio recording I now have 4 completed songs for the next album under my belt feeling motivated

25th March Brighton

Aheads played an awesome set at Brighton on the 25th March - many thanks to Bill (drummer from Culture Shock) thanks Billy

4Th Album

1st two songs of the next album completed yay !!! Hopefully i will complete all songs by late summer 2017


Hi - well the operation on my spine went ok and now i am recovering for a few weeks until i get back in the swing of things am gutted i missed playing with the Aheads on the 2 recent gigs but that seems to be the way things go
good luck to all in 2017

Happy New Year

Hello = HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and family

Aheads update - unfortunately i won't be playing the latest 2 gigs with the Aheads 11th & 12th Jan 2017 as i have to go under the Knife for a spinal Op but i wish em all the best
See you all soon