April 2015

If You Like It - Play It Loud

The Only Way To Enjoy Music Is To Feel The Power in Db !!!!

Im Worried

Im English Born but i am also British - i.e. a member of a UNITED KINGDOM and proud of it !! -"I Know" kings queens etc !! is just a header - I'm not sure if thats right or wrong but, its worked for many many years - now nationalist views , in my mind are destructive. i like the UK !!! we should work, and pool together ideas and innovations and stop being nationalistic, words and ideology exchanged are better than fighting each other or being racist, if we work together we are stronger ! England, Wales, Scotland, N Ireland - lets show the world what democracy is really like !!!!


Election 2015

Its going to be an Interesting election this time !! - yes i love Democracy USE YOUR VOTE!

Sounding Good

Still working on my new track - starting to sound real good - well i think so anyhow !!! missing the sunny weather !! the things we do ! and sacrifices we musicians make …….Dave
Dave Studio 112


Still working on track colour of lives - back bone of the song structure completed - quite happy with it so far - long way to go though - excited !!! hope you will feel the same if and when you ever hear it - when its completed that is

Music !!

Working on a track called Colour of lives - not sure it will be on the next Album but I'm flexing my music muscles and pushing my own boundaries !!! feels good !!