April 2016


Well I've started Recording some new stuff and also the Aheads are half way through some new songs all going well - feeling Excited + my Back is slowly improving but i must remember not to do anything stupid !!


I Love updating software - it feels as though you getting something for FREE !! unless its windows which is total Shite !!


NOW A KIA Ceed Owner - more Tech to potentially go wrong !!

Data Lost Grrr

Well good job i backed up this site but last time was 15th December so I've lost some data - anyway Aheads are recording and booked in for Rebellion Festival 2016 in Blackpool - my back is a little better - I've sold my beloved Defender Landy and now driving an Automatic car well say driving more pointing it in the right direction Yawn!!! I've also started recording some new Zzzorted tracks