March 2015

Election 2015

We are a Democracy (United Kingdom) England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland Please use your vote this May 2015 & remember to Register to vote because if you don't ! you can NOT vote (Thanks to the changes in this last 5 years)
Citizens have the collective power to change the country.
Just remember its about Policies not Personalities !

Thanks KODI - Game Of Thrones

Just finished Watching 40 hours of game of thrones - bloody awesome can't wait for Season 5 in April
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BBC Top Gear

Very Sad to see Top Gear in such a mess - They've lost a very good program which will never be the same without Jezza if they continue with it but, i guess he brought it on himself - Gutted !!! Jeremy your a COCK

North Wales & Hammerfest 2015

Well - Had a great time in North Wales - my favourite part of the Uk - Hammerfest 2015 was 3 stages of loud ear splitting Aural deliverance
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Lenard Nimoy Died this week - to me he was an inspiration to a generation in his character of spock in star trek RIP sir !

Off to Hammerfest This Month

Off to my favourite part of the Uk - North Wales this month to soak in the hardcore metal enraged rock decibels of Hammerfest 7 - looking forward to the sights and sounds and the Beer !!!! Hammerfest